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In a dream, are all the characters really you?
Antoine Watteau - Three studies of a girldrawing with red, black and white chalks 

Hindustani classical music

Hindustani (North Indian) classical music diverged from the earlier Carnatic (South Indian) classical form around the 12th century.

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So as I say poetry is essentially the discovery, the love, the passion for the name of anything.
— Gertrude Stein, Poetry and Grammar

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Morvi Palace, Gujarat, India
On top of the Cathedral of Learning watching the 1960 World Series, by George Silk, from Life Magazine image collections.

Oren Ambarchi - “Girl With The Silver Eyes”

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I want to write a sad poem but I’m not sad.
I am less than sad. Negative sad. I am looped
television laughter. I move through the trail
cloaked in bath water & the water never gets cold.
I shouldn’t be sad or sleep all day, I should lie
under the floorboards of our wagon, tell the spiders
to mind their distance, just swallow the poison.
i want to wrestle the bear that haunts your dreams
& eats our children. They are beautiful children,
in their hiking boots, climbing hills like they’ve 
done this before, like they know why we sleep
on top of each other, so precious all of us humming
last spring. I want to lust for lust & your tongue 
over my shoulder blades, but all I can think about
is building a snowman with your face on its white
frame. Your teeth look the best when you’re naked.
I close my eyes, count to ten thousand. I close my 
eyes & forget why I closed my eyes. On the trail
everything smells green. You tell me I always want
to smell naked.
 A thief comes in the middle of the night,
leaves wild fruit, a note that says he found God
in a Wal-Mart parking lot. When we’re older I’ll lock
the front door of our house so tight the calcium
in our bones won’t be able to get out.

“The Oregon Trail is undergoing photosynthesis,” by Gregory Sherl  

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jim goldberg
Salvador Dali, painting The Temptation of Saint Anthon
India (1969) by Roloff Beny
Studio Toogood : The Hatch
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