Dream Collective
In a dream, are all the characters really you?
Andy Goldsworthy, Balanced rock, June 1979
Langdale, Cumbria

L’Haine V by Anicka Yi
A row of colourful roll-necked sweaters hang from clothes hangers on the wall. Deep-fried flowers grow out of their collars. Foodstuffs are often not only the components of her works but also their starting points. What does a closer scrutiny of foodstuffs and the different ways of preparing them tell us about our society? Where do memories of certain smells and things lead us? What associations do these memories awaken? How do they correlate with the exhibited works? 

Fall and Rise, by Daniel Eatock
One coloured balloon (filled with a breath) suspended from the ceiling from white ribbon, a second ballon (filled with helium) fixed to the floor floating up on a white ribbon. The two balloons gently touch each other at approximately head height.